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We have three different programs that will allow you to engage Marshalla alumni:

Alumni Information Resource (AIR): a searchable database of alumni who have offered to conduct informational interviews.

Access the AIR database


Short-Term Alumni Mentoring Program (STAMP): a searchable database of alumni who have offered to mentor on a short-term basis. Short term is defined as several weeks but less than two (2) months. The alumni who have volunteered for STAMP are offering to help you with resume reviews, interview preparation, mock interviews, case interview preparation and networking.

Access the STAMP database


Executive Alumni Mentor Program (ExecAMP): this year marks the 20th year of ExecAMP, one of the longest running programs within USC Marshall. ExecAMP was developed as a means to establish direct and on-going alumni mentor relationships with a select group of full- and part-time MBA students. The program started small: We matched 15 students with 15 mentors in the first year, and we now have more than 50 mentors. Students are required apply to the program, mentors and students are matched by the Graduate Career Services staff based on various criteria, primarily career interests. These relationships have served to introduce students to the realities and intricacies of the business environment. We primarily recruit alumni at the middle-management to executive level so that students will benefit from a more 'seasoned' business perspective. Many of our mentors have been with the program over 15 years and love the opportunity to work with current students, stay in touch with the university and network with other alumni mentors.

The ExecAMP programs runs on a calendar year - January through December - and is open to first year fulltime students and second year PM students only. Applications will be made available to qualified students in October through this website; the date to begin applying will be emailed to you and published in the Graduate Career Services newsletter.  We will also hold an information session in advance of the application date to provide details about the program.

As we have a finite number of alumni mentors, we cannot guarantee selection to the program for all students.

Access the ExecAMP application


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