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Trojan alumni are a great source of support for USC Marshall in many ways.  You can help support, mentor and hire our students; support faculty in their classrooms; and support the admissions office in the identification and recruitment of quality candidates for our various degree programs. Our students, faculty and staff are always looking for alumni support and engagement.

With the launch of USC Marshall TEAM, we have created a centralized website designed to meet the specific needs of USC Marshall graduate students, faculty, admissions, program offices and career center.  It is a graduation-to-retirement model that provides specific, well-defined ways that you, our alumni, can get involved with USC Marshall from the day you graduate to the day you retire and beyond.

USC Marshall TEAM is an opportunity for you to get involved, be productive, add value and feel great about your life-long association with USC Marshall.  By strengthening the ties among all USC Marshall family members, we strengthen Marshall and everyone associated with us.

Marshall Graduate Programs Involvement Opportunities

There are a number of ways for our alumni to get involved with Marshall, each utilizing a different skillsets and time commitment.

The first two programs are extremely helpful to our students and require less time and experience on your part.  In selecting these options, a current student will have the ability to search for you via the alumni database and the demographic information you provided (function, industry, company, title, etc).  The students would then reach out to you directly via email or LinkedIn.

  • Alumni Information Resource (AIR): select this option if you are interested in students reaching out to you for an informational interview.  An informational interview is your opportunity to provide our current students with advice, insight and information about your functional and/or industry expertise. Many Marshall graduate students seek to make a pivot in their career but need to learn as much as possible to make a wise decision.
  • Short-Term Alumni Mentoring Program (STAMP): select this option if you are willing to spend time assisting a student with on-going, but limited, mentoring. Short term is defined as several weeks but less than two(2) months. Typical examples of topics would include resume creation, interview preparation and networking guidance.

These next two programs are designed for the more seasoned professional and involve a more substantial commitment - and often a more substantial reward.  Students do not have direct access to you through these programs, but are instead “matched” by Graduate Career Services.  If you choose either of these programs, a member of the USC Marshall Graduate Career Services team will contact you to discuss the programs in more detail.

  • Executive Alumni Mentor Program (ExecAMP): select this option if you are interested in a longer, more committed mentor/mentee relationship.  The Executive Alumni Mentor Program is a yearlong, one-on-one matching mentorship program. Students with specific interests are matched with a mentor from that interest area – both function and industry whenever possible. The program runs from January to December and is designed to help students through their internship search, their actual summer internship and the beginning of their fulltime job search. Graduate Career Services hosts several social events over the year that bring mentor and mentees together in a fun, social atmosphere.
  • Resident Executive Program (REP): select this option if you are retired (or are soon to retire) but would like to remain involved with Marshall by sharing the richness of your experience with students and faculty.

While these four programs are directly related to career planning and development, this final program involves you in the front end of the graduate school process – admissions. 

Choose this program if you are interested in talking to prospective students and helping bring them into the Trojan Family. If you choose this program, a member of the USC Marshall admissions team will contact you.

  • Marshall Applicants Program (MAP): select this option if you are interested in talking to prospective Marshall MBA candidates. We will look to you to help us entice prospective students to apply to one of the Marshall MBA programs as well as to help us achieve commitments from students who have been accepted into one of the MBA programs.

The final category of alumni involvement is related to business education and academic activities.

  • Faculty/Classroom Engagement (FACE):  select this option if you are interested in participating in the academic classroom. At various times of the year, we look to engage alumni in a variety of activities, including guest lectures, industry experts, case competitions and more.  The commitment is most often no more than an hour or two on a given day.

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