USC Marshall TEAM

Welcome to Marshall TEAM

Welcome to Marshall TEAM, a centralized website for students, alumni, faculty and staff to find each other and connect for numerous well-defined purposes. It is designed to meet the specific needs of all USC Marshall constituencies – students, alumni, faculty, admissions, program offices, career center and alumni! It is a graduation-to-retirement model that provides specific, well-defined ways to get involved with USC Marshall from the day you graduate to the day you retire and beyond; high value-add opportunities to help and support our students, faculty and administration as well as your fellow Trojans.

Creating Future Opportunities

In 2018, we plan to introduce the next phase of Marshall TEAM: career-focused seminars supporting our alumni at important points in their careers, utilizing the knowledge and expertise of those who have gone before you to offer insight, advice and support. Again, an opportunity for you, our alumni, to get involved, be productive, add value and feel great about your association with USC Marshall.

About Graduate Career Services Center

Our mission is to equip USC Marshall graduate business candidates with the skills, knowledge and resources that inspire confidence to achieve career success. We build long-term relationships with employers to connect them with the talent needed to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. Our personalized approach to career education and preparedness requires ongoing student engagement. You will gain valuable insights and advice from the career services team, enabling you to master the skills and competencies expected on the job from day one.

The Graduate Career Services Center provides extensive expertise, knowledge and skill development to prepare students for networking and interviewing. We provide access to critical online resources and information to help guide the student through the career exploration and search process. Our employer and business development team takes a high-touch, holistic approach to account management, collaborating with companies every step of the way to build and strengthen relationships with our corporate partners.

Even before you arrive on-campus, the USC Marshall Graduate Career Services Center connects with you to guide you through the career planning process, including an introduction to the job search skills demanded in a competitive professional labor market. This early engagement will prepare you to manage your career effectively. Our summer action plan gets you ready for the recruiting process so you can hit the ground running. Together, we can help you to identify opportunities that fit your career interests.

We are located in Popovich Hall Room 310 and look forward to working with you.